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From the HEART and SOUL of an author, China Robinson candidly shares her story "From Seoul To Soul" a memoir about an African American woman struggling with an identity crisis because of her Asian features.  She overcomes and embraces her lost past, when her supermodel daughter takes her back to her roots in an unexpected yet victorious style.  The proud mother fo three, journeyed around the world as a flight attendant for some 23 years (now retired).

Managing her daughter Chanel Iman for the first 6 years of her amazing modeling career, China has seen up close every aspect of the fashion world and understands it as a business.  Also the author of "Who Said You Look Like A Model?" she shares how aspiring models can begin and build a modeling career in this very competitive industry by simply being  yourself while knowing what you are up against.  An insider's view of what it takes to become a successful model.  Through Chanel (now an adult) is self-managed.  Ms. Robinson continues to work as her daughter's advisor and personal assistant.  China Robinson currently is a motivationsl speaker inspiring others to embrace self-empowerment.



Both books give you an inside view of the lives, passions and triumphant's that brought China and her family to a place where they embrace self empowerment,  This unique duo of inspiring works takes you from the Ghetto's of Los Angeles to Seoul, Korea and on to New York's Fashion World.


A memoir about an African Amerian woman struggling with an identy crisis because of her Asian features.  through her life's struggles and journey to find lost truths, she discovers the life of a little girl in Seoul, Korea, and her family's legacies brings her to a peaceful place where she takes back her power to find her own soul.  China Robinson candidly shares her experience of abuse and bad choices to offer hope to those in similar sitations.  Ms. Robinson unfolds this compeling ture story from the Ghettos of Los Angeles to the streets of Seoul, Korea where a rewarding finale brings her past tragedies to a full circle,  There she also meets , overcomes and embraces her past, when her youngest daughter, a supermodel, takes her back to her lost roots in a unexpected yet victorious style.


This self-help - motivational book, questions those who are feeding you the line - the title of this book.  Do they have the ability to walk you into the door of modeling?  How passionate are you in pursuing this career?  Are you ready to find out just what it takes to become a successful model?  Well, here it is in this book, and a close glimpse of how this industry works.

Find out how to prepare yourself before you walk through the door and how to keep the dream alive with your own determination to be the best you can be if you choose modeling as a career.

As the mother of supermodel Chanel Iman, China hs seen every side of this industry.  She now shares how you can begin to build your way to the very top, giving you an insider's view of what it takes to make it in the business.  The wisdom and encouragement in this book will help you go farther, faster in this very competitive modeling industry by simply being your self while knowing what you are up against.



China Robinson, born in Seoul Korea in 1955 was one of 30,000 outcast orphans rescued after the Korean war through the  efforts of the Holt Adoption Agency.  

China tells about her journey and how she beat the odds to overcome many obstacles and challenges along the way.  

Raised by her adoptive family, An African American  minister/teacher and his wife, community pioneers, China grew up in the Ghettos of Los Angeles.   She was 13 before learning she was half Korean.

Badly teased as a child, most of her life she struggled with an identity crisis and the need to fit in. 

China shares her journey unfolding a compelling story of how she overcame cruelty that nearly destroyed her.  In order to help others understand how to be the "Power of One" to own your most valuable gift, self worth through love,  she now travels as a motivational speaker inspiring others to embrace self-empowerment and own their dreams.

"I have traveled many roads during my lifetime - some leading me on a path where I found meaning and value; others taking me off course where I was lost.  I have learned that on every road there is a learning tree from which to gather fruit.  After I have taken what I need to learn of this fruit, I try to plant its seed so it can continue on and live for someone else who is hungry"  CR


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As the mother and former manager of Supermodel chanel Iman, China's books are inspired by her own journey and Chanel's dream to become a model.  "A Mother's Journey A Daughter's Dream" the sub title of "From Seoul To Soul"

Almost 50 years from the day China left Korea ostracized because of the black blood in her veins, her model daughter takes her back with red carpet treatment, to shoot for the cover of Korean Vogue standing over a heading that reads "Black Beauties".

This mother of three and three adorable grand daughters,  travels down a different road today.

China enjoys writing books, inspiring others as a motivational speaker and working as a Creative Concept Designer.

Chanel Iman continues her long career as a Supermodel after walking for the top designers of the world and featured in many Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, ELLE and other elite magazines..  the Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated Model is one of the top known models of her time.  She started modeling at the age of 13 and as her fabulous career keep going strong,  she now is happily married with a beautiful baby girl,

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